Category: Women


She was like a snow flake,

Flying in winter breeze,

In dreams,

Far from spine chilling weather,

Scary at times,

Until she realized a cold truth!


Catch other flying snowflakes,

She thought in denial of reality, but,

Winter soon turned to a desert’s summer,

With mirage, a dream of reality,

Disappearing in her vague gaze,

Appearing as a dream of outcry,

Cactus and reality,

Were seen together,

Like distant cousins!


She was soon becoming a cactus,

Who would stand stubborn,

To a scorching desert!

Snowflakes must have been a mirage,

In the reality of desert!

Can she be that snowflake, she dreams?

Can she?

How can she be?


Is it a desert or a cold mountain?

Is life a mirage or a snowfall?

Is life what she thinks?

What she chooses, that it is!

Can you guess her?

Can you make her choose right?

How I wish, she did!


Make a right choice, girl!

She should!

She can!

It’s a journey that is worth!

Let her be!

She will soon love it to be,

Coz she is now a cactus!



Since so many years, I have been reading so many stories of the women suffering in the entangled games of in-laws. A tribute and  an outburst to all of them are these few lines, I dedicated!


Smiling masks,
Louder voices,
Larger happiness,
Intentions untold!
Small is big,
Sometimes bigger,
Enlarged dreams,
Of greed and torture,
A grand mask of tradition and culture!

Joining voices,
Are the Compressed desires,
And the Suppressed wishes,
An epitome of deceit,
The face of reality,
Recited in silent poetry,
To a voiceless, numb skeleton of life!

The monsters,
The dragons,
With fiery thoughts,
In their ignited tongues,
Make thy daughter,
In Law,
With fear, awry blames,
In silent disgust!

In thoughts,
In vain,
In dreams,
The tears dry out,
in the oasis life!

The lended hand,
Of thy partner,
Is shaking and shivering,
In thy death of “Golden” dreams,
The hand withdraws,
Into thy Space,
Of the Cowards,
Of the lifeless!

In thy law,
Takes the silence,
Of after blast,
In the desolate,
Disastrous, red land,
Thirsty of love,
In search of her goal,
Innate and of soul!

A Cold Rock

  She has become a cold rock

 That anyone may want to knock,

But gets too far to even withhold

the rock, so cold,

Here, there, everywhere,

She can go anywhere,

Covered by snow, Blue and Yellow,

 appears bright and mellow,

 But stands stern, to the torture,

 A rock unbreakable, by nature,

A snow flake on the rock melted,

 flows into a frozen Confluence, undisturbed

For its very existence, as a cold rock,

unemoted, sharp and crystalline!

That’s the cold rock, a modern day woman!