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Books! Books! Books!


Photo courtesy: Tangled animation movie. Rapunzel singing a song of her daily chores.

Books! Books! Books!

Books! Books! Books!
All around me!
Books just take us into a world,
Sometimes we are flying,
Sometimes hanging in there
Tick-tock like a pendulum,
Sometimes grounded,
Even pulls us into a quagmire,
Throws away into another world,
Yet I am just sitting at a table
Just reading?!
Funny how it is!

Just me and my book,
Turning Page by page,
Thought by thought,
Day and a night!
Sight and an Insight,
Flip a page and again a flip,
And then journey goes on..

No judgments or comparisons
No speculations or competitions
No transactions or expectations!
Just the words and sentences!
And thoughts!


A modern Girls’ gang!


Pink n yellow, green n violet,
Are their colors!
Giggle & laugh,
until they are red and blushing!
Cry out loud, scream and grin,
Of all stories they know!
Sneak out of house,
In a timeless gossip,
Of all truths and dare,
Eating ice creams, chocolates
And all the roadside food!
Shop until purses are empty and
The cards err out, and until
Hands full of bags!
Copy each other,
And then never let-
each other down?
Urggh err grr ahem!
They so speak bitter
Green, blue and brown,
About the girls of the gang
In a cold jet-black background or
In a pale-grey foreground!
Yet they come together,
With a blueness in the throat,
A rainbow in the smile,
Again hand-in-hand,
Step in rhythm,
They walk, n they tap,
they sing, n they dance,
They paint a new day together,
All like a no tomorrow!
The modern day girls’ gang!


Maximum experiences,

happen in sequence,

as if this was going to be

the last lesson of life!

Never mind though,

welcome problems,

welcome change!


Minimum is what

we expect,

at the maximum!

When our expectations are


world appears real that,

Sometimes far away

from what we think,

Sometimes just next to

what is actually!

This is the reality,

wherever you wanna go,

on this planet!

Just be a sailor in sea,

or a failure in a clutter!

So, which is better?

Maximum experiences or

Minimum expectations??

Both lead through same sea!


Auto Rickshaw Tourism!


So many hands waving,

as bystanders keenly watch,

So many looking for that one vehicle,

but none to board!

His hand with a Casio

sports wrist watch,

Her palm waving.

with a cane bangle

on her wrist,

and red painted nails,

Waving restlessly

and waiting for d’auto,

One auto rickshaw

finally boarded,

With a deal,

for Metered money is lesser,

So passenger is now

the Shehanshaw,

With his queen by his side,

Riding on the chariot,

For the elevated privilege,

Of being showered with,

An opportunity of

boarding an Auto rickshaw,

with a overrated metered deal!


The Rickshaw, well decorated,

With red leather covering,

With two huge posters,

of collage, Of probably,

his favorite actors,

Aishwariya Rai and Peirty Zinta,

The “Digital meter” veiled in a

Leathered red cover with

two tiny traditional bells,

In this semi-modern attire of the d’auto,

The driver is so happy,

To have owned this

3 wheeled chariot, in itself!


His recent successful deal,

Of additional bucks,

puts him in an elated journey,

Honks at a Volkswagen car,

Another LML scooter,

Some pedestrians,

All disturbed by the

honking melodies of driver,

All the cars, lorries, vans,

Buses, scooters, rickshaws, rigs,

Pedestrians, all on the same road,

foggy of smoke, deaf of horn!

All are honking at one another,

Except few dutiful citizens!


Mother beating her school kid,

Crying for an Off-school day,

Crossing the dreaded road!

An old lady with an umbrella,

With Bhagawad Gita in her hand,

Passes by, for her old age recital

Of a spiritual journey!

Another couple,

a guy in spiky hairstyle,

walking in red checks canvasses,

With a girl, in funky long tee,

walking in Ballerina shoes,

Go hand in hand,

Out of this “traffic” world,

their own world!

Bike riders in goggles

and back packs,

In eighty plus speed,

Shooting into fast world,

To overcome the

belated college attendance!

Some clad in ties,

waiting and viewing as bystanders

for their office vehicles!

Its the same road to

all tourists!


The world is so beautiful, as it is!

So interesting and

So much to see,

So much to learn,

as a Rickshaw journey,

Teaches a life,

Of the “grounded” world,

With ever running vehicles,

tourists, and honkers,

For the goal of their own life!

At some time or the other probably,

Everyone have toured into,

an Auto Rickshaw tourism!


The Itinerant!

“A traveller I am in this life journey,
But like any other mundane tourist,
The time made me a traveler,
Faster than ever,
The fast running green pastures, trees,
Bridges, Freeways, cattle fields
Were sliding and escaping,
faster than the blink
on my journey to an unknown destiny!
But as time passed on,
There green pastures, trees…disappeared
There were all the computers around,
Surrounded by me all wires, entangled,
Ineffably visible to me alone.
Thoughts and experiences,
entranced me to conclusions,
And facts that never met me before!
Meeting new people,
All were distinct and unique!
In the minds of the people,
some were eccentric,
In my mind,
All were esoteric.
Incorrect prejudices,
Some were facts, some were not,
Euphony and cacophony co-existed,
as if in symphony, Incarcerated!
In this unique journey of experiences,
All I was left to be, an Itinerant!
You is about being yourself,
You learn, realise, breathe and step forward,
the only best choice!”

Dear God! Illuminate our minds!

Burning crackers, sparkles and dazzles,
In the whim and fancy, of flickers and twinkles,
along with stars, sky is calm,
resonating loudness, of the happiness and ecstacy,
Radiating glimpses, out bursts and screams,
In the scintillating light of realization,
penetrating thoughts of enlightenment,
I wonder at myself,
as I pray to god,
to shower a gleam of wiseness,
a clean ego, an evershining light of a true conscience,
a forever cured minds, with all love and only peace,
a living human being, I hence pray for a brighter tomorrow!
I pray to god to induce all good,
to destroy the evil, calm down all the grudges,
to make people wiser and think of only peace!

An Awakening!

Heavenly Light

Surrounded by green grass,

Wet, brown mud and orchid fragrances,

In a clear blue sky, Walking in a white attire,

Is him walking, To reach my hand,

Smiling and decent, Knitted in his mental attire,

An elegant voice, Sang my name,

In search of me, The breeze and the morning kuckoo bird,

Choruses to gesture me, Of his “Highness” arrival,

Mama papa are, Leading me in the way of song,

Here comes a large wave of wind,

Trees, branches vibrant to thy nature’s trouble,

Hearing to Horses and Villains in black masks,

Colored black faces, blood-stained robes,

Knives and violent screams, Resonating the harsh future,

Still I went in search of his hand, Blows of knives to mama n papa,

Still walked the path of soul, Held their hands in search of him,

He arrived ferociously, I thought,

He held my hand, Rode me to thy kingdom,

No sooner, I saw the same black robed Villains,

Those blood stained knives and harsh screams,

Held me, for treasure, that I never possessed!

My innocent scream, Failed to impress,

Thy harshness, A blow of cheat and disguise,

I held that pure hand, Praying for true love,

The hand went missing, Entered with thy knife,

Breathless and deadly, Disastrous!

Aspersion and Suspicion, were weapons in use!

I was shocked, cried, prayed,

To God, For justice,

In tears, I was thrown apart in disguise!

I realized my mistake!

I chose a harsh reality,

With innocence or ignorance, I am unaware!

His conscience qualifies his highness!

Qualification failed a justification!

He disappeared into the dark,

I let light reach the castle’s arch,

Thy disappearance was already a past tense,

meant no sense!

Lead me into a new awakening,

Of thy self of life!

Shimmering eyesight, Of bright light,

Showered in my gaze, In my fate,

I realized!

An Insensitive Equation!


An equation typically,

An assertion,

Of equality of two expressions,

Has LHS and RHS,

Quantifies necessarily,

To be equal!

To prove the equality,

We have theorems,

By hypothesis,

By example!


The equations change over time,

LHS may be little more equal than RHS,

But still, we prove the equality,


RHS may be a little more equal than LHS,

By force,

By “magical” hypothesis,

This can thus be proved!


Proof by Hypothesis:

Smile for minute,

Costs something,

They pay you to smile,

Sometimes, we demand to pay for our smile,

They pay you more,

They pay you much more,

when the value of smile increases,

like in it happens in a married life,

But we reciprocate this with less,

Less love, less respect, may be zero relationship!


By Examples:

Sometimes, in laws demand for this,

“If you pay this much,

it costs a smile of your husband,”

“Bonus, a little more from your parents,

A little more respect to you and your parents!

An increased polynomial order!

“A little more,

Hurrah! You can live your life!”

A little more, increases privileges level!

Hence the RHS of an increased happiness span!


An evolving Equation,

That’s an Inconvenient Equality assertion,

This can be logically correct,

Emotionally incorrect!

Ethically tends away,

Towards infinity!

But least convincing!

Still logically so correct,

Is so insensitive to LHS,

sometimes to RHS,

Hence proved!

The story of a pumpkin girl!

Once upon a time,
there lived a girl,
who was fat,
Nickname Pumpkin,
She was a bubbly, active,
read and studied widely,
who wanted to become a good writer
and a smart dancer,
But when she danced,
everyone would laugh loud,
when she wrote,
none cared, teasing pumpkin,
She would look into the mirror,
and would cry hours everyday,
She decided, one day,
“this is not what I wanted to be”,
And she disappeared from everyone,
for years, no one knew where she was,
she got into aerobics, gym,
learned all dance forms,
she transformed herself,
embraced grace,
embellished confidence,
She faced life boldly,
She was now ready to live!
She wrote widely,
She earned a job in her favorite field,
as a journalist,
One day, there is this guy,
whom she met,
Everyone liked him,
he took her hand,
and said “This is me, and I wanna marry you!”
She pondered and blinked, in confusion,
He said to her “I like as you are”
She said “do you know who I am and where I belonged?”
He said “I know you, I knew pumpkin.”
“I also know you like writing and are a good dancer”
“I love dance and I know Salsa Miss Pumpkin”
Surprised, she was, he said
“I am not sure, if I am up to your expectation, but I love you”
And then he married her
But his parents,
clad in attires of ill-minded, poisonous snake-skin,
With a dangerous mind for money,
He joined hands for money,
He tortured her parents and her,
He started destroying her confidence,
He crushed her dreams,
He wanted her be his slave,
inborn Inhumanity, induced suspicion blinded his eyes,
He was cheating his own heart,
He cut her parents’ respect to pieces,
She looked for help,
She found none,
Her parents and sister,
stood as pillars of strength,
She walked forward,
asking for true love,
a true humanity,
But no voice assured her,
Only her own voice echoed to her own self,
in vain, in helplessness!
She waited for a true human,
She waited for a true him,
But he never returned,
one day, when she became a successful writer,
famous contemporary dancer, she said to herself,
“Life is not about finding only true love, about achieving a true passion”

“I met this doll in the world

Barbie, is the name

In that beauty n beastly world

She is Ms. Perfect

She looks gorgeous

With the long, black hair

With all the grace embraced,

In colorful yet subtle robes, bangles n rings

she wants to walk the hills

Break the pre-judices,

Reach the heights

Fly in the sky

Like a bird

That’s speaks wise

That’s cute and pretty

That’s brainy and stylish

With a heart

That makes you laugh n cry,

with little cute talks,

batting big eyelids,

filled with love and peace,

with those adept, healing hands,

being so humane,

This is the Barbie, the Ms. Perfect”

Dedicate this poem to my dearest, lovely lil sister Dr. A. Ananda Sagari, who is simply the best! Yo! Princess! Rule the world!