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A new sun


Anyone is “fortunate” in money!

Can buy love and fame? how funny!

Everything is business!

They live and love for notes,

a plural “valuable printed piece of note”,

With a stripe on it, of a wicked “Glint”!


Someone’s smiles’ a billion dollar!

Someone’s dress’ a ten million dollar!

Somebody’s life is a just a dollar,

While somebody’s life Is a million dollar!

A condescension, by choice of the White-collar!


Money is the new dawn,

A new dusk, the new brawn,

Tis the logic, Tis everything!

A paradoxical rhetoric,

In a Schadenfreude world,

The Bourgeois and a Proletarian

can least sustain!


This is the new Sun,

For a new Galaxy,

For the globe revolving,

around only Money,

Tis all bright and sunny,

“Happy” and “Lovely”,



A hundreds of evening walkers,
Along with so many hawkers,
Louder bargains of the buyers,
In the rhythmic tunes,
Of traffic and railways,
it was an any day’s evening!
A sudden explosion,
Of a terror blast,
Befell on the innocent!
In mere minutes,
Of simple life and peace,
Broke into pieces,
Of hatred and blazes,
Into the deaths and scares,
Shattered and battered!
A landscape,
Of the red, with carnages,
Of the tears of survivors and losses,
It was a silence of pain all over,
With handicapped thoughts and blank mind,
It was another Coldest day of complete inhumanity!

The Goggles!

It’s a colorful world

From the goggle view

Green n blue

Brown n red!

Rayban or Prada,

Ultra-violet shades or

Ultra-modern display,

For a purpose, in vogue!

Silver or Golden,

White stoned or

Diamond studded,

A Glitterati display,

Into a colorful earth,

Through the colorful frame of mind!

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of all?”

Mirror answered “no one”,

She said “I am no queen,

But I know in the unfair

Anyone can appear fair,

In this world, which is a “Fair”
of the unfair!”

Since so many years, I have been reading so many stories of the women suffering in the entangled games of in-laws. A tribute and  an outburst to all of them are these few lines, I dedicated!


Smiling masks,
Louder voices,
Larger happiness,
Intentions untold!
Small is big,
Sometimes bigger,
Enlarged dreams,
Of greed and torture,
A grand mask of tradition and culture!

Joining voices,
Are the Compressed desires,
And the Suppressed wishes,
An epitome of deceit,
The face of reality,
Recited in silent poetry,
To a voiceless, numb skeleton of life!

The monsters,
The dragons,
With fiery thoughts,
In their ignited tongues,
Make thy daughter,
In Law,
With fear, awry blames,
In silent disgust!

In thoughts,
In vain,
In dreams,
The tears dry out,
in the oasis life!

The lended hand,
Of thy partner,
Is shaking and shivering,
In thy death of “Golden” dreams,
The hand withdraws,
Into thy Space,
Of the Cowards,
Of the lifeless!

In thy law,
Takes the silence,
Of after blast,
In the desolate,
Disastrous, red land,
Thirsty of love,
In search of her goal,
Innate and of soul!

How I Wish!

When my hands cannot throw away those Guns,

When my hands could not hold their hands in pain,

In a holocaust or terror or a hurricane or killings,

In that frowned sunset,

I wish I had no hands!


When feet could not walk 

To join the sad and unhappy, the path of empathy,

But mire of life and responsibilities

That we made and drowning in,

Convince me for not that,

I wish I was lame!


Everyone cries their wishes, in chorus

No one is “listening” to another

But so much of furor and cacophony,

That my voice is lost in noise,

I wish I was deaf and dumb!


When the memories fill in my eyes,

When my eyes saw the pain of the others,

But I cannot but wash it with tears alone,

And when some shed those red tears,

I wish I was blind!


When I see the evil take over the world,

Terror, Horror, Hurt, Killings,

When my heart could feel,

But could not heel the evil,

I wish I was heartless!


How I wish!

How I wish!

How I wish, there was a sudden

Epidemic of happiness,

A virus of selfless thoughts,

A hurricane of good deeds,

And a cure for a perfect world!

I am still lame, deaf, dumb, blind and heartless,

To a world that made me!

The Truth!

We see the world with our eyes

The eyes see what they want

We think on what we see

We speak what we think

We may not mean what we say

Sometimes we feel

We may mean what we say

Others may like it or may not


We dream what we want

We do what we want

We can judge

We can think

We understand what is right

We believe in our instincts

We choose our life

We may not accept the truth


Some are blind to the truth by choice

Some struck in truth, so bitter

That they may not realize

Some struck in truth, by choice

That they choose to not accept

Either ways, we are not happy

We believe in different versions of truth

But the truth is only one


Some scream to the world

The truth

But no one believes

Everyone wants to believe what they see

Or they are happy to believe so

And some speak Not the truth

Some try to prove the truth

Aristotle was proved wrong first

And then proved right

Newton, Edison struggled to prove

What they meant

Socrates gulped poison for the truth!


We evolve into a whole new living being

When we realize the truth

We see a new light piercing into the eyes

We may blink to the brightness

But we cannot let go the light

We behold the truth

That is the real “Me”,

We realize!

When we get tears of bliss

We feel the purity of air we breathe

We feel the purity of water we drink

We are then living!

We start our life with “0” Percent ownership,
Mathematics was inborn,
We cried as babies for a number of strangers,
Papa’s friends, Amma’s colleagues,
We fuss as kids, for 2 more chocolates,
3 Dairy Milk chocolates or 5 Milky Bar,
We tried as students for ascending Grade and Ranks,
A to E, with no Z grades, 1 to lakhs of ranks,
We fought as employees for a hike of “Percentages”,
5 to 50, 
We earn in business “Profits” or “Loss”
ROI, Per Capita Income, GDP,
We decide the “Probability” of a choices,
Coke to Pepsi, KFC to McDonalds,
We get the “Statistics” of shoppings,
Sarees, jewellry
We have every “Odds” and “Evens” of a decision,
A US trip to an Indian IT job,
“Prime” as our wishes protrude,
Birthday celebration, gifts, parties,
We are at times “Rational” and “Irrational”,
Practical and impractical,
We have an eye sight in “Integers”,
The more negative the shorter in sight,
We think of “Fractions” when we cook,
half a cup, pinch of salt,
We end at where we started, with a Remainder “0”,
Its an Infinite after life!

I need an umbrella of real love,
From the rain of tears,
From the reign of fears,
Foggy eyelids,
Mumbling words,
A crowded mind.
From the assumptions and conclusions,
The presumptions and confusions,
Like a tax imposed!
I need an umbrella of a true conscience,
From the misspells and mistakes,
From the riches and stakes,
From the show off and taunts,
From the homicides and holocausts,
Where money and words,
Rule the worlds,
Where only few human choruses,
The real song of love and sacrifices,
Enchant for a real world,
An every child’s dream!

  She has become a cold rock

 That anyone may want to knock,

But gets too far to even withhold

the rock, so cold,

Here, there, everywhere,

She can go anywhere,

Covered by snow, Blue and Yellow,

 appears bright and mellow,

 But stands stern, to the torture,

 A rock unbreakable, by nature,

A snow flake on the rock melted,

 flows into a frozen Confluence, undisturbed

For its very existence, as a cold rock,

unemoted, sharp and crystalline!

That’s the cold rock, a modern day woman!