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Here I am… – a song by AllSasha

Here I am…

Waiting for you…

Living in unknown pieces of existence…


Every dawn reminds me of you…

Every breeze leaves a message,

Of your missing identity…


The missing flower of my love…

Sways to the breeze…

And disappears into a world invisible…

Where are you my world?


I do not see your face among

These infinite unknown faces…

But I see those curious eyes…

And I never knew I could be so curious…


My heart is searching for you,

Like never…Like never before…


Sky is crying with me,

Every time it rains,

Tears roll down my cheeks,



May be some dreams,

Can only fly,

Till they roll down as tears,

And freeze as memories…

Here I am waiting for you…



A song I dedicate to one of my dearest friend and best friend who was once in Love and missed her love. A sweetest friend she was. I cannot disclose her name though.



When I felt bad

That you shouted at me

I cried, consoled myself

But when you expected

me to smile

though I felt bad

When you scolded me coz

You dint like me

But I am the same baby

Whatever you say

Wherever you go

You promise me something when I am alone

You hurt me in front of your parents

You are not the same in front of your papa and mama

I don’t like it

When your mama says don’t go out with her

I am your wife baby,

Please don’t hurt me baby


Coz I know that’s not real you

Don’t close your eyes to my hurt

Please open your eyes

Open your heart to my tears

Heel me with your love

Hold me with your arms

Coz I love you so much

You know that

But you hold me harsh

Tare my heart to pieces

With the words so sharp

When you say you love me

I can’t feel it

Coz you don’t mean it

I am waiting for the real You

I am waiting for you…

I will be waiting…