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A new sun


Anyone is “fortunate” in money!

Can buy love and fame? how funny!

Everything is business!

They live and love for notes,

a plural “valuable printed piece of note”,

With a stripe on it, of a wicked “Glint”!


Someone’s smiles’ a billion dollar!

Someone’s dress’ a ten million dollar!

Somebody’s life is a just a dollar,

While somebody’s life Is a million dollar!

A condescension, by choice of the White-collar!


Money is the new dawn,

A new dusk, the new brawn,

Tis the logic, Tis everything!

A paradoxical rhetoric,

In a Schadenfreude world,

The Bourgeois and a Proletarian

can least sustain!


This is the new Sun,

For a new Galaxy,

For the globe revolving,

around only Money,

Tis all bright and sunny,

“Happy” and “Lovely”,




Baba, Baba,

Black sheep,

Have you any money?

Yes sir, yes sir,

1000 Trillion dollars!

Some for the master,

Some for the friends,

And none for the poor goats,

Who live down the gutter lane!


I have been hearing so much on drugs, blind beliefs in mask of traditions and consequences, as so many cases broke out in the city all over, in recent times! The movies like “Anukokunda Oka Roju”, “Dum Maaro Dum” have thrown light and trying to make society beware of such deadly, disguising options and recent raids on such immoral and horrifying activities, have all left a message to everyone!  I dedicate this one to the incidents and victims of “enmasked blind-beliefs” and “drug/drink addictions”, as I think there is no difference between both of them, psychologically!



Drugs, drinks, beliefs,

Addictions blind one selves,

To one’s own selves!


Choose anesthetic mind or

Choose soporific negligence,

In a veil of delusions,

Or in a veil of illusions,

As he mentions sometimes!


Were it coz of drugs, drinks or

Or dis-beliefs in self?

Or Winning over an “unreal” you?

Or Loosing over a “real” self?


If belief is a perception,

drawn out of only society and
ever evolving culture,

Unlike the “new” present,

Or a “changed” past beliefs,

Then why did a belief fail to


Did he respect a belief?

Or reject a belief?

Is non-acceptance a dis-respect
to a belief?

A question, that can only be

For it is the belief in conscience,

A self confession is the only means!


Or Is this an addiction to a

What will he choose?

Drugs or drinks

Or ever changing beliefs,

To adapt to every single mind,

To “convince” every single
perception under Sun,

To be in good books of all minds?

where do you stand to your conscience?


As an addictive habit,

each belief seem so right at some
point to him,

Seem so wrong to him at some
other point,

By his own choice,

At his own convenience,

or is it a self-written unnamed


Did he see a dark shadow,

In the mirror of “greyed” self

Or is that a Dr. Jekyll or a Mr.

In a manipulated world,

Created by his own self?


The fragile mirror is breaking,

for failure of letting him

Not “see” and “realise” his “real” Image!

The mirror, cracked and broken down,

into pieces of glass, Invisible!




She was like a snow flake,

Flying in winter breeze,

In dreams,

Far from spine chilling weather,

Scary at times,

Until she realized a cold truth!


Catch other flying snowflakes,

She thought in denial of reality, but,

Winter soon turned to a desert’s summer,

With mirage, a dream of reality,

Disappearing in her vague gaze,

Appearing as a dream of outcry,

Cactus and reality,

Were seen together,

Like distant cousins!


She was soon becoming a cactus,

Who would stand stubborn,

To a scorching desert!

Snowflakes must have been a mirage,

In the reality of desert!

Can she be that snowflake, she dreams?

Can she?

How can she be?


Is it a desert or a cold mountain?

Is life a mirage or a snowfall?

Is life what she thinks?

What she chooses, that it is!

Can you guess her?

Can you make her choose right?

How I wish, she did!


Make a right choice, girl!

She should!

She can!

It’s a journey that is worth!

Let her be!

She will soon love it to be,

Coz she is now a cactus!


Hello Friends, I have written this poem inspired from a those fast mushrooming buildings that collapse at the drop of the hat and constructors, so corrupt, bypass the feeling of disguise! I dedicate this to all the people who have lost their lives in this “Deconstruction of society!”


Collapsing convictions,

Emerging buildings,

Illegal and Shoddy,

Mushrooming all over,

“Constructed” by the tainted deals,

With Tacit “Quotations”,

In the “debased” game!


Several “deprived” hands join,

To erect and assemble,

The Cement and brick, for walls,

A Marble-like paper tower,

In the making,

An “strong” edifice for the Impoverished,

By the Impoverished,

in supervised, super-Treacherous Supremacy!


A Yearning,

For a livelihood,

Of the drifters,


Blooms from the soil,

A house of Cards,

A dream castle,

Of the deprived!


Penniless souls,

Settling and breathing,

Bleeding souls,

Enter into the narrow “boxes”,

Souls ooze out,

Live by the day,

and rise by the dawn,

Emerge from the congested box of life,

An inaccurate dream of paper house!


Souls realize,

When the card castle downfalls, crumples,

Of Mirages of “swindled” Contours,

A perilous veracity!


Some souls crushed in broken palace,

Of the fellow beings and alike souls,

In the crippled sunset, from the ruins,

Sprouts “fragile” paper towers and a new life,

In abundance, for the delicate habitat of remaining souls

In pursuit of a new “box” of life!

Hello Friends, I have written this poem inspired from a those fast mushrooming buildings that collapse at the drop of the hat and constructors, so corrupt, bypass the feeling of disguise! I dedicate this to all the people who have lost their lives in this “Deconstruction of society!”


Brick and then,

cement, then brick,

and then cement,

an arrangement,

so constructive!



The innocent bricks and cement,

Pillars were fragile,

cement was impure,

Bricks were weak,

To adamant Constructor,

so full of fraud!


Cement and bricks,

pillars that were fragile now,

for an edifice,

so deconstructive,

shaking and moving,

and vibrant and loud!


Cement and Bricks,

cry on and scream,

for their short-lived,

intricate realisation,

the creator of them,

is deaf to their outcry!


Innocent souls cried,

screamed too,

lame to lend a hand,

in the forming heap of,

a disaster,

lay prey to a choice, of a impure mind!


In God, Cement and Bricks prayed,

a prayer for power,

a prayer to save lives,

a prayer, to not break,

a prayer to unite and BE!


But Cement shall withhold,

In saneness,

Bricks shall not fall down

Themselves, for a cause!

Cement and Bricks behold the fall!

Withhold from collapse,

and unite to save,

To begin the cremation of deceit,

To save innocent world for tomorrow!



Since so many years, I have been reading so many stories of the women suffering in the entangled games of in-laws. A tribute and  an outburst to all of them are these few lines, I dedicated!


Smiling masks,
Louder voices,
Larger happiness,
Intentions untold!
Small is big,
Sometimes bigger,
Enlarged dreams,
Of greed and torture,
A grand mask of tradition and culture!

Joining voices,
Are the Compressed desires,
And the Suppressed wishes,
An epitome of deceit,
The face of reality,
Recited in silent poetry,
To a voiceless, numb skeleton of life!

The monsters,
The dragons,
With fiery thoughts,
In their ignited tongues,
Make thy daughter,
In Law,
With fear, awry blames,
In silent disgust!

In thoughts,
In vain,
In dreams,
The tears dry out,
in the oasis life!

The lended hand,
Of thy partner,
Is shaking and shivering,
In thy death of “Golden” dreams,
The hand withdraws,
Into thy Space,
Of the Cowards,
Of the lifeless!

In thy law,
Takes the silence,
Of after blast,
In the desolate,
Disastrous, red land,
Thirsty of love,
In search of her goal,
Innate and of soul!

I need an umbrella of real love,
From the rain of tears,
From the reign of fears,
Foggy eyelids,
Mumbling words,
A crowded mind.
From the assumptions and conclusions,
The presumptions and confusions,
Like a tax imposed!
I need an umbrella of a true conscience,
From the misspells and mistakes,
From the riches and stakes,
From the show off and taunts,
From the homicides and holocausts,
Where money and words,
Rule the worlds,
Where only few human choruses,
The real song of love and sacrifices,
Enchant for a real world,
An every child’s dream!

Words and actions,
Became antonyms,
In her life!
Meanings and Intentions,
Became synonyms,
In their minds!
Googling hard to find
The synonyms,
That exists!
The search results and her life,
Co-exist as Volume 1 and 2,
Of one dictionary!
And “face” and “fight” are the best words,
That she adds in her thesaurus!