We start our life with “0” Percent ownership,
Mathematics was inborn,
We cried as babies for a number of strangers,
Papa’s friends, Amma’s colleagues,
We fuss as kids, for 2 more chocolates,
3 Dairy Milk chocolates or 5 Milky Bar,
We tried as students for ascending Grade and Ranks,
A to E, with no Z grades, 1 to lakhs of ranks,
We fought as employees for a hike of “Percentages”,
5 to 50, 
We earn in business “Profits” or “Loss”
ROI, Per Capita Income, GDP,
We decide the “Probability” of a choices,
Coke to Pepsi, KFC to McDonalds,
We get the “Statistics” of shoppings,
Sarees, jewellry
We have every “Odds” and “Evens” of a decision,
A US trip to an Indian IT job,
“Prime” as our wishes protrude,
Birthday celebration, gifts, parties,
We are at times “Rational” and “Irrational”,
Practical and impractical,
We have an eye sight in “Integers”,
The more negative the shorter in sight,
We think of “Fractions” when we cook,
half a cup, pinch of salt,
We end at where we started, with a Remainder “0”,
Its an Infinite after life!