Gauged insights

Into hollow spaces,

Jutting Joints,

Fleshless, lifeless,

Like out of the dried leather,

Skin squeezed over,

Once mummified,

In oils and resins, embalmed

To only get wrapped

in linen forever, as they thought,

and trapped in a crypt,

In an eerie triumph of Egypt,

or an obsessive belief!


Mummies helped

dissect the civilizations,

from the convictions,

ibises, falcons, cat,

kings, Gods and spirits!

They are with us,

escorting the archeologists,

of the pyramids, reciting the tales,

of the ancestors, from the hieroglyphs,

from the walls of the tombs!

So Mummies did live after life,

And so are still alive,

In books, in pyramids,

in the minds and thoughts!