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An Novel experience!


One single line in bold Comic Sans,
On thick bound cover, sea blue or red,
Along came the author’s name,
Right below that “Title”,
And then you turn the page,
Invites you to a new story,
Starting with a preface,
On the authorship,
Chapters, pages and titles,
Turn page by page,
Read Line by line,
Word by word,
Eyes are seeing, and then
Along came the running characters,
From the words, in the reader’s
Undisturbed imaginations, visions, Incidents and drama,
The “visionary” reader,
slowly enters the last few paras,
It’s the climax now, in Suspense,
Engrossed and involved,
And then a deep sigh,
with a released frown,
When the story ends!
An undisturbed and hypnotic Journey
into the writers’ world of the Encapsulating words,
oh dear reader,
you are a blessed human,
for a self-created solace and peace!


A walk by the sea!

Inside a layer of a tide,

Two pairs of tiny feet find a place,

They walk, they jump,

Spilling the water,

The tiny tides rising,

By the still summer sea!


One pair of feet,

clear and fair,

with pink nail paint

and a single anklet,

Another pair of feet,

fair and neat,

Daddy’s hard work of

The trimmed nails,

With a pair of silver anklets!

tide by tide,

feet covered up,

deeper under sand!


The feet walked along in tides,

Searched for the rarest of shells,

Corals and snail shells,

Like in those interesting tales,

Of the sea, of treasure hunt,

They go searching,

All of the baby fish and the dead crabs,

mollusk and the tusk shells,

None found was a treasure!


Some crabs, alive and hiding ,

And some scurrying sideways,

Were all passing by the tide,

and by the tender little feet!

The giggles and squeaks,

Coz of the moving tiny crabs,

That were blessed by our feet!


In the golden light of dusk,

We were a silhouette,

Of the two little lost rabbits,

by the kelps and weeds,

of the rocks and reeds,

to our screaming mamma

and searching and angry papa,

who finally discovered us,

Out of our memorable sea walk,

dated April, 1987!


24*1 Fooling!

We know in our mind,

That it is not what it is said,

Still we are blind or deaf to it,

Who makes a person as above,

Can also become the person he made!

One day, everyone officially makes any other!

We dont want to hear it,

But we still do,

We dont want to believe it,

But still we do,

For fun they do so,

For fun we laugh it off,

By choice, it is this day,

April First, The fool’s day!

Bakras MTV Made,

Spaghetti Trees BBC cultivated,

The fall of Tower of Pisa on Dutch TV,

CellPhone ban introduced by New Zealand’s Edge Radio station,

Water on Mars photo NASA website published,

Has fooled one and all,

on the day!

We enjoy and celebrate making hoaxes, fooling one another on the day, all in all, wish you a happy fool’s day!