An end of season sale every where, flooded with shoppers, in the malls and shops, its some infectious shopping, that we dont want to ignore! We have all the brands in a seasonal sale! On that note, I have this quickie to share!


Brand frenzy,

Shopping crazy,

Business friendly,

In an offer of discount!


10% or 50%,

61% or 70%,

Or a Buy 2 get 30%,

It is a discount per cent-age!!


Buy 1 get 1 free,

Or a Buy 2 get 1 free,

we choose an offer!

in a willful price!


It is a price,

many like to pay,

For a quality of the make,

For a choice of a long awaited wish!


Exponential increase,

in the happiness sales,

In the whopping raise,

Of the discounts and shoppers!


Until stocks exist,

Discounts persist,

To attract our like,

In an intelligent auction of brands!


Anyone can become

a shopaholic,

In this “Neon” world,

Of discounted wishes!