Pink n yellow, green n violet,
Are their colors!
Giggle & laugh,
until they are red and blushing!
Cry out loud, scream and grin,
Of all stories they know!
Sneak out of house,
In a timeless gossip,
Of all truths and dare,
Eating ice creams, chocolates
And all the roadside food!
Shop until purses are empty and
The cards err out, and until
Hands full of bags!
Copy each other,
And then never let-
each other down?
Urggh err grr ahem!
They so speak bitter
Green, blue and brown,
About the girls of the gang
In a cold jet-black background or
In a pale-grey foreground!
Yet they come together,
With a blueness in the throat,
A rainbow in the smile,
Again hand-in-hand,
Step in rhythm,
They walk, n they tap,
they sing, n they dance,
They paint a new day together,
All like a no tomorrow!
The modern day girls’ gang!