Inspired from my favorite 1843 Danish fairy tale “The Ugly duckling” by a Danish poet and author Hans Christian Anderson. It is in-fact not a fairy tale, it is a reality depicted in few flowery, dreamy story line, if only looked deeper into the story, with an bird-eye view! My father loved and bought this book and my mother read this story. I was in 4th standard in school years old when I heard this story. I have written this bit dedicated to a woman who wants to fly, yet experiences she is dragged into.

The story of another Ugly duckling!

There lived a duckling,

Who could fly, was elegant and fair!

Other ducks disliked her,

mocked, derided,

Called her an ugly duckling!

Yet one day, when she saw

A group of swans, In a reflection in lake water,

Discovered that she too was a swan!

No more an ugly duckling!

She flew far away in the sky,

And higher n higher to the glory!

And one day, she fell in love,

with a swan who saw her beautiful,

All the time stood by her like a shadow, without a any complaint,

Prepared her as toughest, and never let her down!

Never said he loved her, but when she expressed her love,

Alas! He only dismissed it!

For all his fears, she knew him,

She would dream again and again,

Ask him again and again, and waited all along!

He avoided and escaped from her,

Yet she would go flying with him,

In shimmering moonlight to talk for hours,

Yet this only caused sadness.

He moved on she thought, for he never spoke to her again!

And so she never met him again!

In desolation and grief, flew into far away skies,

There were swans who loved her, yet,

In memory of him, for the love of him,

Perhaps, she remained as a memory of what “he” chose!

For she is all she could ask for,

She lived happily ever after, alone!