World is a huge set of transactions!
Infinite, countless.
Every transaction has an action,
And actions have reasons,
We do choose our action, come what may.
And its the choice that decides our destination.
It is for this reason, everything happens for a reason,
the preference of choice over luck!
Transaction is like a complex number,
It holds an “real world value” and an “unreal humane value”,
We became insulated from our own conscience,
The true meaning of words seems to have lost their dictionary!
Wired or wireless, we are all connected, on a social space,
but mentally disconnected!
A hypocrisy by choice, perhaps!
Without any generalizations,
We survive in an inexplicable tomorrow,
In this new context sensitive world,
Transaction-driven feelings,
It’s the survival of the “fittest”,
Creates unique identity of the self, in a fainted color of conscience!