A new sun


Anyone is “fortunate” in money!

Can buy love and fame? how funny!

Everything is business!

They live and love for notes,

a plural “valuable printed piece of note”,

With a stripe on it, of a wicked “Glint”!


Someone’s smiles’ a billion dollar!

Someone’s dress’ a ten million dollar!

Somebody’s life is a just a dollar,

While somebody’s life Is a million dollar!

A condescension, by choice of the White-collar!


Money is the new dawn,

A new dusk, the new brawn,

Tis the logic, Tis everything!

A paradoxical rhetoric,

In a Schadenfreude world,

The Bourgeois and a Proletarian

can least sustain!


This is the new Sun,

For a new Galaxy,

For the globe revolving,

around only Money,

Tis all bright and sunny,

“Happy” and “Lovely”,