So many hands waving,

as bystanders keenly watch,

So many looking for that one vehicle,

but none to board!

His hand with a Casio

sports wrist watch,

Her palm waving.

with a cane bangle

on her wrist,

and red painted nails,

Waving restlessly

and waiting for d’auto,

One auto rickshaw

finally boarded,

With a deal,

for Metered money is lesser,

So passenger is now

the Shehanshaw,

With his queen by his side,

Riding on the chariot,

For the elevated privilege,

Of being showered with,

An opportunity of

boarding an Auto rickshaw,

with a overrated metered deal!


The Rickshaw, well decorated,

With red leather covering,

With two huge posters,

of collage, Of probably,

his favorite actors,

Aishwariya Rai and Peirty Zinta,

The “Digital meter” veiled in a

Leathered red cover with

two tiny traditional bells,

In this semi-modern attire of the d’auto,

The driver is so happy,

To have owned this

3 wheeled chariot, in itself!


His recent successful deal,

Of additional bucks,

puts him in an elated journey,

Honks at a Volkswagen car,

Another LML scooter,

Some pedestrians,

All disturbed by the

honking melodies of driver,

All the cars, lorries, vans,

Buses, scooters, rickshaws, rigs,

Pedestrians, all on the same road,

foggy of smoke, deaf of horn!

All are honking at one another,

Except few dutiful citizens!


Mother beating her school kid,

Crying for an Off-school day,

Crossing the dreaded road!

An old lady with an umbrella,

With Bhagawad Gita in her hand,

Passes by, for her old age recital

Of a spiritual journey!

Another couple,

a guy in spiky hairstyle,

walking in red checks canvasses,

With a girl, in funky long tee,

walking in Ballerina shoes,

Go hand in hand,

Out of this “traffic” world,

their own world!

Bike riders in goggles

and back packs,

In eighty plus speed,

Shooting into fast world,

To overcome the

belated college attendance!

Some clad in ties,

waiting and viewing as bystanders

for their office vehicles!

Its the same road to

all tourists!


The world is so beautiful, as it is!

So interesting and

So much to see,

So much to learn,

as a Rickshaw journey,

Teaches a life,

Of the “grounded” world,

With ever running vehicles,

tourists, and honkers,

For the goal of their own life!

At some time or the other probably,

Everyone have toured into,

an Auto Rickshaw tourism!