Inside a layer of a tide,

Two pairs of tiny feet find a place,

They walk, they jump,

Spilling the water,

The tiny tides rising,

By the still summer sea!


One pair of feet,

clear and fair,

with pink nail paint

and a single anklet,

Another pair of feet,

fair and neat,

Daddy’s hard work of

The trimmed nails,

With a pair of silver anklets!

tide by tide,

feet covered up,

deeper under sand!


The feet walked along in tides,

Searched for the rarest of shells,

Corals and snail shells,

Like in those interesting tales,

Of the sea, of treasure hunt,

They go searching,

All of the baby fish and the dead crabs,

mollusk and the tusk shells,

None found was a treasure!


Some crabs, alive and hiding ,

And some scurrying sideways,

Were all passing by the tide,

and by the tender little feet!

The giggles and squeaks,

Coz of the moving tiny crabs,

That were blessed by our feet!


In the golden light of dusk,

We were a silhouette,

Of the two little lost rabbits,

by the kelps and weeds,

of the rocks and reeds,

to our screaming mamma

and searching and angry papa,

who finally discovered us,

Out of our memorable sea walk,

dated April, 1987!