I have been hearing so much on drugs, blind beliefs in mask of traditions and consequences, as so many cases broke out in the city all over, in recent times! The movies like “Anukokunda Oka Roju”, “Dum Maaro Dum” have thrown light and trying to make society beware of such deadly, disguising options and recent raids on such immoral and horrifying activities, have all left a message to everyone!  I dedicate this one to the incidents and victims of “enmasked blind-beliefs” and “drug/drink addictions”, as I think there is no difference between both of them, psychologically!



Drugs, drinks, beliefs,

Addictions blind one selves,

To one’s own selves!


Choose anesthetic mind or

Choose soporific negligence,

In a veil of delusions,

Or in a veil of illusions,

As he mentions sometimes!


Were it coz of drugs, drinks or

Or dis-beliefs in self?

Or Winning over an “unreal” you?

Or Loosing over a “real” self?


If belief is a perception,

drawn out of only society and
ever evolving culture,

Unlike the “new” present,

Or a “changed” past beliefs,

Then why did a belief fail to


Did he respect a belief?

Or reject a belief?

Is non-acceptance a dis-respect
to a belief?

A question, that can only be

For it is the belief in conscience,

A self confession is the only means!


Or Is this an addiction to a

What will he choose?

Drugs or drinks

Or ever changing beliefs,

To adapt to every single mind,

To “convince” every single
perception under Sun,

To be in good books of all minds?

where do you stand to your conscience?


As an addictive habit,

each belief seem so right at some
point to him,

Seem so wrong to him at some
other point,

By his own choice,

At his own convenience,

or is it a self-written unnamed


Did he see a dark shadow,

In the mirror of “greyed” self

Or is that a Dr. Jekyll or a Mr.

In a manipulated world,

Created by his own self?


The fragile mirror is breaking,

for failure of letting him

Not “see” and “realise” his “real” Image!

The mirror, cracked and broken down,

into pieces of glass, Invisible!