She was like a snow flake,

Flying in winter breeze,

In dreams,

Far from spine chilling weather,

Scary at times,

Until she realized a cold truth!


Catch other flying snowflakes,

She thought in denial of reality, but,

Winter soon turned to a desert’s summer,

With mirage, a dream of reality,

Disappearing in her vague gaze,

Appearing as a dream of outcry,

Cactus and reality,

Were seen together,

Like distant cousins!


She was soon becoming a cactus,

Who would stand stubborn,

To a scorching desert!

Snowflakes must have been a mirage,

In the reality of desert!

Can she be that snowflake, she dreams?

Can she?

How can she be?


Is it a desert or a cold mountain?

Is life a mirage or a snowfall?

Is life what she thinks?

What she chooses, that it is!

Can you guess her?

Can you make her choose right?

How I wish, she did!


Make a right choice, girl!

She should!

She can!

It’s a journey that is worth!

Let her be!

She will soon love it to be,

Coz she is now a cactus!