Hello Friends, I have written this poem inspired from a those fast mushrooming buildings that collapse at the drop of the hat and constructors, so corrupt, bypass the feeling of disguise! I dedicate this to all the people who have lost their lives in this “Deconstruction of society!”


Brick and then,

cement, then brick,

and then cement,

an arrangement,

so constructive!



The innocent bricks and cement,

Pillars were fragile,

cement was impure,

Bricks were weak,

To adamant Constructor,

so full of fraud!


Cement and bricks,

pillars that were fragile now,

for an edifice,

so deconstructive,

shaking and moving,

and vibrant and loud!


Cement and Bricks,

cry on and scream,

for their short-lived,

intricate realisation,

the creator of them,

is deaf to their outcry!


Innocent souls cried,

screamed too,

lame to lend a hand,

in the forming heap of,

a disaster,

lay prey to a choice, of a impure mind!


In God, Cement and Bricks prayed,

a prayer for power,

a prayer to save lives,

a prayer, to not break,

a prayer to unite and BE!


But Cement shall withhold,

In saneness,

Bricks shall not fall down

Themselves, for a cause!

Cement and Bricks behold the fall!

Withhold from collapse,

and unite to save,

To begin the cremation of deceit,

To save innocent world for tomorrow!