Hello Friends, I have written this poem inspired from a those fast mushrooming buildings that collapse at the drop of the hat and constructors, so corrupt, bypass the feeling of disguise! I dedicate this to all the people who have lost their lives in this “Deconstruction of society!”


Collapsing convictions,

Emerging buildings,

Illegal and Shoddy,

Mushrooming all over,

“Constructed” by the tainted deals,

With Tacit “Quotations”,

In the “debased” game!


Several “deprived” hands join,

To erect and assemble,

The Cement and brick, for walls,

A Marble-like paper tower,

In the making,

An “strong” edifice for the Impoverished,

By the Impoverished,

in supervised, super-Treacherous Supremacy!


A Yearning,

For a livelihood,

Of the drifters,


Blooms from the soil,

A house of Cards,

A dream castle,

Of the deprived!


Penniless souls,

Settling and breathing,

Bleeding souls,

Enter into the narrow “boxes”,

Souls ooze out,

Live by the day,

and rise by the dawn,

Emerge from the congested box of life,

An inaccurate dream of paper house!


Souls realize,

When the card castle downfalls, crumples,

Of Mirages of “swindled” Contours,

A perilous veracity!


Some souls crushed in broken palace,

Of the fellow beings and alike souls,

In the crippled sunset, from the ruins,

Sprouts “fragile” paper towers and a new life,

In abundance, for the delicate habitat of remaining souls

In pursuit of a new “box” of life!