“A traveller I am in this life journey,
But like any other mundane tourist,
The time made me a traveler,
Faster than ever,
The fast running green pastures, trees,
Bridges, Freeways, cattle fields
Were sliding and escaping,
faster than the blink
on my journey to an unknown destiny!
But as time passed on,
There green pastures, trees…disappeared
There were all the computers around,
Surrounded by me all wires, entangled,
Ineffably visible to me alone.
Thoughts and experiences,
entranced me to conclusions,
And facts that never met me before!
Meeting new people,
All were distinct and unique!
In the minds of the people,
some were eccentric,
In my mind,
All were esoteric.
Incorrect prejudices,
Some were facts, some were not,
Euphony and cacophony co-existed,
as if in symphony, Incarcerated!
In this unique journey of experiences,
All I was left to be, an Itinerant!
You is about being yourself,
You learn, realise, breathe and step forward,
the only best choice!”