Mobiles, Laptops,

iPads to ARDrone,

Android to Windows 7,

3D “visions” and “ventures”,

Popularity per innovation,

An Innovation every second!

Technology ruled the world,

In the “Flickering” disco lights,

of an ever changing geeky world!


Price charts, Sales graphs,

Stock markets, Bulls & bears,

Hits and flops,

Profits and losses

To an audience in crisis,

Uproar of an Upheaval!


Nuclear deals, Signed treaties,

Pleas, hunger strikes,

Some in Pain, some in vain!

Peace and war co-existed,

For the same globe,

For the same land!


Earthquakes, shackles,

Hurricanes, Sea furors,

Oils spills, “sea”-“saws”,

Global  warming,

Situations so alarming!

Corruption Eruptions,

Blackmails and similes,

Ditches & Hitches,

A fool’s Gold or Oil?

It was global!


Media & News,

Of ideas & Of ideals,

Hype or Cause,

Is an anvil,

For a manufacturing of

Of opinions & people,

Delves into hyper-societal industry!


On the whole,

A unique 2010!

In Wishing, Of,

A Metamorphosis,

A hopping & happening,

A flourishing &  sensible,

A greener & gleaming,

An energetic & emerging,

A profitable & Victorious 2011!

Welcoming a new Eleven!