Heavenly Light

Surrounded by green grass,

Wet, brown mud and orchid fragrances,

In a clear blue sky, Walking in a white attire,

Is him walking, To reach my hand,

Smiling and decent, Knitted in his mental attire,

An elegant voice, Sang my name,

In search of me, The breeze and the morning kuckoo bird,

Choruses to gesture me, Of his “Highness” arrival,

Mama papa are, Leading me in the way of song,

Here comes a large wave of wind,

Trees, branches vibrant to thy nature’s trouble,

Hearing to Horses and Villains in black masks,

Colored black faces, blood-stained robes,

Knives and violent screams, Resonating the harsh future,

Still I went in search of his hand, Blows of knives to mama n papa,

Still walked the path of soul, Held their hands in search of him,

He arrived ferociously, I thought,

He held my hand, Rode me to thy kingdom,

No sooner, I saw the same black robed Villains,

Those blood stained knives and harsh screams,

Held me, for treasure, that I never possessed!

My innocent scream, Failed to impress,

Thy harshness, A blow of cheat and disguise,

I held that pure hand, Praying for true love,

The hand went missing, Entered with thy knife,

Breathless and deadly, Disastrous!

Aspersion and Suspicion, were weapons in use!

I was shocked, cried, prayed,

To God, For justice,

In tears, I was thrown apart in disguise!

I realized my mistake!

I chose a harsh reality,

With innocence or ignorance, I am unaware!

His conscience qualifies his highness!

Qualification failed a justification!

He disappeared into the dark,

I let light reach the castle’s arch,

Thy disappearance was already a past tense,

meant no sense!

Lead me into a new awakening,

Of thy self of life!

Shimmering eyesight, Of bright light,

Showered in my gaze, In my fate,

I realized!