An equation typically,

An assertion,

Of equality of two expressions,

Has LHS and RHS,

Quantifies necessarily,

To be equal!

To prove the equality,

We have theorems,

By hypothesis,

By example!


The equations change over time,

LHS may be little more equal than RHS,

But still, we prove the equality,


RHS may be a little more equal than LHS,

By force,

By “magical” hypothesis,

This can thus be proved!


Proof by Hypothesis:

Smile for minute,

Costs something,

They pay you to smile,

Sometimes, we demand to pay for our smile,

They pay you more,

They pay you much more,

when the value of smile increases,

like in it happens in a married life,

But we reciprocate this with less,

Less love, less respect, may be zero relationship!


By Examples:

Sometimes, in laws demand for this,

“If you pay this much,

it costs a smile of your husband,”

“Bonus, a little more from your parents,

A little more respect to you and your parents!

An increased polynomial order!

“A little more,

Hurrah! You can live your life!”

A little more, increases privileges level!

Hence the RHS of an increased happiness span!


An evolving Equation,

That’s an Inconvenient Equality assertion,

This can be logically correct,

Emotionally incorrect!

Ethically tends away,

Towards infinity!

But least convincing!

Still logically so correct,

Is so insensitive to LHS,

sometimes to RHS,

Hence proved!