Since so many years, I have been reading so many stories of the women suffering in the entangled games of in-laws. A tribute and  an outburst to all of them are these few lines, I dedicated!


Smiling masks,
Louder voices,
Larger happiness,
Intentions untold!
Small is big,
Sometimes bigger,
Enlarged dreams,
Of greed and torture,
A grand mask of tradition and culture!

Joining voices,
Are the Compressed desires,
And the Suppressed wishes,
An epitome of deceit,
The face of reality,
Recited in silent poetry,
To a voiceless, numb skeleton of life!

The monsters,
The dragons,
With fiery thoughts,
In their ignited tongues,
Make thy daughter,
In Law,
With fear, awry blames,
In silent disgust!

In thoughts,
In vain,
In dreams,
The tears dry out,
in the oasis life!

The lended hand,
Of thy partner,
Is shaking and shivering,
In thy death of “Golden” dreams,
The hand withdraws,
Into thy Space,
Of the Cowards,
Of the lifeless!

In thy law,
Takes the silence,
Of after blast,
In the desolate,
Disastrous, red land,
Thirsty of love,
In search of her goal,
Innate and of soul!