Once upon a time,
there lived a girl,
who was fat,
Nickname Pumpkin,
She was a bubbly, active,
read and studied widely,
who wanted to become a good writer
and a smart dancer,
But when she danced,
everyone would laugh loud,
when she wrote,
none cared, teasing pumpkin,
She would look into the mirror,
and would cry hours everyday,
She decided, one day,
“this is not what I wanted to be”,
And she disappeared from everyone,
for years, no one knew where she was,
she got into aerobics, gym,
learned all dance forms,
she transformed herself,
embraced grace,
embellished confidence,
She faced life boldly,
She was now ready to live!
She wrote widely,
She earned a job in her favorite field,
as a journalist,
One day, there is this guy,
whom she met,
Everyone liked him,
he took her hand,
and said “This is me, and I wanna marry you!”
She pondered and blinked, in confusion,
He said to her “I like as you are”
She said “do you know who I am and where I belonged?”
He said “I know you, I knew pumpkin.”
“I also know you like writing and are a good dancer”
“I love dance and I know Salsa Miss Pumpkin”
Surprised, she was, he said
“I am not sure, if I am up to your expectation, but I love you”
And then he married her
But his parents,
clad in attires of ill-minded, poisonous snake-skin,
With a dangerous mind for money,
He joined hands for money,
He tortured her parents and her,
He started destroying her confidence,
He crushed her dreams,
He wanted her be his slave,
inborn Inhumanity, induced suspicion blinded his eyes,
He was cheating his own heart,
He cut her parents’ respect to pieces,
She looked for help,
She found none,
Her parents and sister,
stood as pillars of strength,
She walked forward,
asking for true love,
a true humanity,
But no voice assured her,
Only her own voice echoed to her own self,
in vain, in helplessness!
She waited for a true human,
She waited for a true him,
But he never returned,
one day, when she became a successful writer,
famous contemporary dancer, she said to herself,
“Life is not about finding only true love, about achieving a true passion”