“I met this doll in the world

Barbie, is the name

In that beauty n beastly world

She is Ms. Perfect

She looks gorgeous

With the long, black hair

With all the grace embraced,

In colorful yet subtle robes, bangles n rings

she wants to walk the hills

Break the pre-judices,

Reach the heights

Fly in the sky

Like a bird

That’s speaks wise

That’s cute and pretty

That’s brainy and stylish

With a heart

That makes you laugh n cry,

with little cute talks,

batting big eyelids,

filled with love and peace,

with those adept, healing hands,

being so humane,

This is the Barbie, the Ms. Perfect”

Dedicate this poem to my dearest, lovely lil sister Dr. A. Ananda Sagari, who is simply the best! Yo! Princess! Rule the world!