We say it,

With an expectation,

That we will be forgiven,

We may mean it,

We may not mean it!

They may forgive us,

They may not forgive us,

But we say it!

We gulp stones to say it

When we mean it!

We may have hurt them

Intentionally or unintentionally!

It is so important

Still we can’t say it!

It brings those tears of true love,

It brings our the true self, if we mean it!


British introduced it in India

We don’t like the word

We don’t choose to say it

Only because we convince ourselves

That it is a formality Or

Our big man Ego does not allow us!

It is the word of conscience!

But we may lose our loved one’s

Only because we missed saying this word!

It costs nothing,

but pays back your conscience!

If we would have said it,

For we would not regret!