When my hands cannot throw away those Guns,

When my hands could not hold their hands in pain,

In a holocaust or terror or a hurricane or killings,

In that frowned sunset,

I wish I had no hands!


When feet could not walk 

To join the sad and unhappy, the path of empathy,

But mire of life and responsibilities

That we made and drowning in,

Convince me for not that,

I wish I was lame!


Everyone cries their wishes, in chorus

No one is “listening” to another

But so much of furor and cacophony,

That my voice is lost in noise,

I wish I was deaf and dumb!


When the memories fill in my eyes,

When my eyes saw the pain of the others,

But I cannot but wash it with tears alone,

And when some shed those red tears,

I wish I was blind!


When I see the evil take over the world,

Terror, Horror, Hurt, Killings,

When my heart could feel,

But could not heel the evil,

I wish I was heartless!


How I wish!

How I wish!

How I wish, there was a sudden

Epidemic of happiness,

A virus of selfless thoughts,

A hurricane of good deeds,

And a cure for a perfect world!

I am still lame, deaf, dumb, blind and heartless,

To a world that made me!