We see the world with our eyes

The eyes see what they want

We think on what we see

We speak what we think

We may not mean what we say

Sometimes we feel

We may mean what we say

Others may like it or may not


We dream what we want

We do what we want

We can judge

We can think

We understand what is right

We believe in our instincts

We choose our life

We may not accept the truth


Some are blind to the truth by choice

Some struck in truth, so bitter

That they may not realize

Some struck in truth, by choice

That they choose to not accept

Either ways, we are not happy

We believe in different versions of truth

But the truth is only one


Some scream to the world

The truth

But no one believes

Everyone wants to believe what they see

Or they are happy to believe so

And some speak Not the truth

Some try to prove the truth

Aristotle was proved wrong first

And then proved right

Newton, Edison struggled to prove

What they meant

Socrates gulped poison for the truth!


We evolve into a whole new living being

When we realize the truth

We see a new light piercing into the eyes

We may blink to the brightness

But we cannot let go the light

We behold the truth

That is the real “Me”,

We realize!

When we get tears of bliss

We feel the purity of air we breathe

We feel the purity of water we drink

We are then living!