We know in our mind,

That it is not what it is said,

Still we are blind or deaf to it,

Who makes a person as above,

Can also become the person he made!

One day, everyone officially makes any other!

We dont want to hear it,

But we still do,

We dont want to believe it,

But still we do,

For fun they do so,

For fun we laugh it off,

By choice, it is this day,

April First, The fool’s day!

Bakras MTV Made,

Spaghetti Trees BBC cultivated,

The fall of Tower of Pisa on Dutch TV,

CellPhone ban introduced by New Zealand’s Edge Radio station,

Water on Mars photo NASA website published,

Has fooled one and all,

on the day!

We enjoy and celebrate making hoaxes, fooling one another on the day, all in all, wish you a happy fool’s day!