He made us laugh,
He made us pretty,
He cut my hair,
He put me Kajal,
He ironed my clothes,
He polished my shoes,
He taught me to say wish and respect people,
He wanted me and my sis to be the best always!
He is my sweetest Dad, with patience!
He would take me to Rocky and Rambo movies,
He welcomed us by writing beautiful songs on us,
as soon as we popped into this dirty world,
He kept us away from all evil,
He saved us from accidents,
He taught us to draw and paint,
He made me eat “pickle” when I was three years,
He made me tough, and taught me be myself!
He taught us to be trendy as well as traditional,
He taught us to save ourselves from enemies,
He taught us the “best survival” lessons of the world!
He was an Incredible Hero, that we remember for a lifetime!
He is kool, YoYo,
He taught us dance,
He painted and created great pictures for us,
He made our lives colorful!
He made music and played Harmonicas (mouth organ) for us,
He waited outside the school for both of us for hours,
He introduced us to the poets, lyricist,
artists and great people, who were his friends,
He made me act in a movie,
He taught me acting,
He wrote great poems of life,
Made greatest paintings, greatest stories,
That me and my sister always wanted to be Him!
He is great father!
He cracked jokes, that we remember even today and laugh,
He taught us repartees,
He made us armoured, in the Mind!
He made me a soldier for the world,
A Knight of the world, to face and fight the life!
He knew me,
He erased confusion from my life!
He made me hear to toughest lessons of the world!
He is my inner voice and my inner self!
I badly miss those days,
I want to be right there, next to him,
hug him and hold his hand
and tell him “My dearest Sweet Pappa, love you!” 
He is the best!
Love you ever Pappa!