Four pillars of strength,

A sky of love, With a bright smile,

Who still hugs me and kisses me,

I am still a just-born for her,

And she loves me to the core!


She erases my tears with song of love and peace,

She stands right there,

When I feel desolate and weak,

She is a strong wisdom tree herself!

There is no one like My Mom!


She laughs, giggles and smiles for our jokes,

She is a friend, philosopher, guide,

She helps me be naughty too, 🙂

When bought me those toys, small tins,

small teaset, small cooker, small fridge, for us to play,

Who gifts me sarees, earrings, diamond earrings,

Who sends emails, chats in sms, Yahoo,

Who makes me laugh,

She made me see comedy movies,

that we laughed as if we cried,

She taught me to sing,

She encouraged me to write,

We would go out to eat warm Thai food,

And her favorite Subway and an Icetea!

She taught me to be myself!

She taught me to judge and speak my mind,

The Koolest of all!

She is the best friend! Yo!


I get vegetables and ask her to cook,

I ask her a guidance to a situation,

I discuss a problem, she helps you find a way out,

Give her 100 tasks, she knows, she prioritises,

Its a cake walk for her!

Who probably have not heard the word “Tired” for our sake!

She is the best Manager I ever met!


She listens to my heart beat and

She knows whats in my heart anytime,

My mistakes and anger, dint matter her,

She is fair, pretty angel of my love and life!

I badly miss those days!

I want to be right there for her, kiss her, hug her and say,

“I love you my dear amma!”

She is the best! Yo!

Love you ever Mom!